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Coaches Corner

As we enter a new year, we’re all hopeful it’ll be better than the one we’re leaving behind. This can especially be true when you feel confident, self-assured and loveable despite the kind of year it’s been. For those of you feeling less than that, the new year may not seem as bright.

When you’re not feeling good about yourself, you may hold back, play it safe, and not take a chance. Or, someone else takes the chance and opportunity away from you because you didn’t act first. If you walk away from a situation thinking, “I could have done that” or, “I should have said this”, then an opportunity may have been missed.

For those of you who could use a little inspiration heading into the new year, this story is right for you. It’s about how taking a chance, that can be just a simple act of helping another, can change everything. It may be just the thing needed to give hope that anything can happen in this new year.

The Lady in the Red Dress

On New Year’s Eve, Barry went out to eat...alone. You see, Barry was a bit of a loner. He was bashful, struggled with making friends, and had a terrible time talking to women. Whenever he would try, he’d become nervous, stumbled over his words, and either he or she would walk away. This always left Barry feeling awkward and embarrassed. Since he was going to be by himself, he decided to go to an upscale restaurant and treat himself. So, here he was in this fancy restaurant on New Year's Eve, all alone.

Once seated at his table, he looked around at all the happy couples beginning their New Year's celebration. This made Barry feel even more lonely and wondered if this was such a good idea. Just about that time, a woman in a stunning red dress was being escorted to her table and walked right by him. This was the most beautiful woman Barry had ever seen. Though it just took a few seconds for her to walk by, for Barry it was like she moved in slow motion. For a second he thought, “Wow, I’d really like to get to know her.” This was immediately followed by, “Who am I kidding? A woman like that is out of my league!” He then thought of all the reasons why a woman like that would have nothing to do with a guy like him.

Heads turned as she walked to her table and as she sat down; heads turned back to what they were doing so didn’t see what happened next. As the woman in the red dress was about to sit down, her glass eye popped out and bounced across her table onto the chair and was about to hit the floor. Being the only one who was still admiring her, Barry decided to help the woman. He jumped from his chair, stumbled over the chair next to him and began to fall to the floor with his hands stretched out. The commotion of this caused everyone to turn to see what was going on and witness Barry landing on the floor, catching the glass eye of the woman in the red dress, in his outstretched hand before it hit the floor. Everyone cheered and applauded Barry’s dramatic and heroic act as he handed the glass eye back to the lady in the red dress.

She quickly excused herself to go to the lady’s room. When she returned, eye back in its place, she asked Barry to allow her to buy him dinner in appreciation for catching her eye. Of course, he said yes, beginning the most memorable evening of Barry’s life.

They talked over dinner and drinks and as the evening went on, Barry found himself being witty, charming, and saying all the right things. The woman in the red dress was loving it! Barry had never experienced anything like this!

After dinner they went dancing and rang in the new year together in each other’s arms, wishing the other happy new year. The lady in the red dress then whispered in Barry’s ear, “How bout I make you breakfast?”. Barry, still in disbelief of what was happening, sheepishly replied, “I bet you say that to all the guys,” attempting to still sound clever. The lady in the red dress looked at Barry, smiled and replied, “No, I don’t, but you caught my eye.”

Coaches Tip of the Day

If you hold back, don’t speak up, don’t do what needs to be done because you don’t think you’re good enough or have little to offer, then next year can be a lot like last year. Instead, do something different, take a chance, help someone, say yes to opportunity, say no to the same old thing, decide that your success in 2022 is your new way of life. When you do, who knows. You may catch someone’s eye. 🙏🏿

-Ed Green, LCSW

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