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A Guide to Living Your Love Language
 Couples Retreat 

Ed Green, LCSW & Reverend Cindy Cline

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Early Bird Special

A Guide to Living Your Love Language

Couples Retreat

Friday & Saturday: July 26 and 27, 2024
  1. Are you in a relationship that seems good most of the time, but you believe things can be even better? Yes or No

  2. Do you want to find a way to make that deeper connection and have more intimacy in your life? Yes or No

  3. Do you want to make your relationship truly joyful and fulfilling? Yes or No


If, as many people do, you answered yes to any of these questions, then we have good news for you!

NEW! A Guide to Living Your Love Language Couples Weekend Retreat
A two-day retreat sequel that picks up where The 5 Love Languages (5LL) ended.

If you have learned about or attended a course about The 5 Love Languages and believe delving into it with your partner can be helpful to your relationship, then A Guide to Living Your Love Language Couples Weekend Retreat may be just what you’ve been looking for. This 2 day retreat experience takes up where the 5 Love Languages leave off.

The Reverend Cindy Cline and Ed Green, LCSW, LPHA, have been teaching couples effective relationship techniques for many years. These techniques help couples grasp and understand how their relationships can become more fun, more deeply satisfying and sustainable. This new 2-day retreat is designed for you and your partner to continue the journey from learning The 5 Love Languages to Living your Love Language making for a more powerful relationship and romantic, unforgettable couples experience.

DATE:            July 26th and 27th

WHERE:        Unity of Houston Art Gallery - 2929 Unity Dr - Houston, TX 77057

We invite you to watch and share this video with your friends, group or organization about A Guide to Living Your Love Language Couples Retreat. 

 A Guide to Living Your Love Language Couples Retreat 

Space is limited to only ten (10) Couples. Register now to secure your spot for you and your loved one. Scroll to the bottom of the video page to register.

Early Bird Special



Give & Receive

“The 5 Love Language retreat brought us closer by helping us understand how we both give and receive love ❤️”

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From Frustration to Love

Thank you so much!!!! The class was helpful and helped me center myself from a place of frustration to a place of love. I really appreciate your session today. 

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Learning Love Languages

The 5 loves languages weekend was awesome! James and I learned that we didn't know each others love language - we actually were completely off. Since the conference we have grown closer due to knowing each others love languages. Cindy and Ed are super Informative and very entertaining. 

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5LL Retreat

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"It provided understanding on ways to better communicate our love language"


"Learned so much about spouse's love language. Role playing a previous conflict and resolving it (using new info) was eye opening."


"Very enjoyable, fun and affirming."


"Visualization of the future put things at an 'end goal' perspective; hopeful."


"Very objective and to the point. We were able to go in depth."


Refreshed how I show my love and look back to see if I've been showing my love in the way my partner needs it."


"Excellent how Cindy and Ed delivered the content. Structural with the slides, content and being casual, humorous and positive as a couple."


"Content, presentation, company and the food were great."

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