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5LL - The 5 Love Languages

A Guide to Living Your Love Language

Coming Again Soon!

Do you ever feel like your heart and head might need a jump-start, or do they just need to be reconnected to your loved one? Join us for a heart-moving experience where you can overcome the pain of hurt feelings, loss or simply make what you have better. You will learn to connect, share laughter, and experience a deep sense of healing thoughts when you uncover powerful spiritual tools you need to make a good relationship great, or a hurting relationship heal.  

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We have all heard the old saying that has to do with hope: “there is always a light at the end of the tunnel”. During this past year and more, the turmoil realized from the pandemic and the overall negative media has created a sense of angst for us all and has proven to be a most stressful and challenging time for our relationships. Many have felt that “the light at the end of the tunnel has gone out”. Sounds funny, right? But not really. In the U.S., sales of online self-help divorce agreements rose by 34% this spring compared to last year, and family lawyers surveyed in April and July reported a 25% to 35% increase in requests to start divorce proceedings compared to the same time in 2019, according to WebMD.


Now, as we strive to see a light at the end of the tunnel once again, and as we feel our sense of hope returning, it is also the time to turn your attention and efforts to that one person who has stuck by you throughout all of the stress and uncertainty of this past year.


Are you ready to learn and be guided as you learn to recapture and enhance those special feelings with your loved one? Ready to renew and brighten that dim light at the end of the tunnel? To strengthen your relationship and rediscover that deeper, more loving, and meaningful, stronger-than-ever connection?


If your answer is YES, then join us for our live and in person couples workshop - 5 Love Languages Day Retreat: A Guide to Living Your Love Language - at Unity of Houston. 


The 5 Love Languages (5LL): A Guide to Living Your Love Language couples workshop/retreat is based on the #1 New York Times Bestseller, The Five Love Languages written by Dr. Gary Chapman. He tells us understanding our love language can best describe how we give and receive love.

This workshop (designed for couples) will introduce each participant to the 5 love languages that is so important to understand in any relationship. You will discover your love language, what is most important to you and your partner in your relationship, and gain insight into your communication styles. 


The workshop is presented by Cindy Cline, speaker extraordinaire, and Ed Green LCSW, LPHA, for a unique, uplifting and fun experience into the 5 Love Languages. Cindy is known as The Hope Lady. She is the author of Always Hope, a Life Coach, and Director of Sacred Services at Unity of Houston. 

The Lineup


  • A chance to reacquaint you and your partner with those strengths and qualities that shown so brightly when you first met.

  • As you have evolved in your relationship, we can help you to understand what your, and your partner's, love language is now.

  • Pulling from your newly discovered love languages, couples will participate in experiential exercises to practice and better learn the subtleties of your love language dialects.

  • Practicing deeper understanding and meaning as together, you begin to live your love language more fully.

  • Participating in a safe and supportive atmosphere to get and share the best aspects from this retreat experience.

  • Opportunities to connect with other couples sharing similar and unique experiences. If you choose, perhaps incorporate their love language dialects into your relationship for maximum renewal.

Ed and Cindy are dynamic presenters with an amazing chemistry. Together, they create a positive, fun, and high energy atmosphere guaranteed to leave you with a lasting, memorable, and heart-moving experience that will guide and influence your current and future relationships.



Give & Receive

“The 5 Love Language retreat brought us closer by helping us understand how we both give and receive love ❤️”

Frustration to love couple.jpg

From Frustration to Love

Thank you so much!!!! The class was helpful and helped me center myself from a place of frustration to a place of love. I really appreciate your session today. 

20210117_165258 Teah+James Pearson.jpg

Learning Love Languages

The 5 loves languages weekend was awesome! James and I learned that we didn't know each others love language - we actually were completely off. Since the conference we have grown closer due to knowing each others love languages. Cindy and Ed are super Informative and very entertaining. 

5LL Event-.jpg

5LL Retreat

Ed Cin dressy b+w.png

"It provided understanding on ways to better communicate our love language"


"Learned so much about spouse's love language. Role playing a previous conflict and resolving it (using new info) was eye opening."


"Very enjoyable, fun and affirming."


"Visualization of the future put things at an 'end goal' perspective; hopeful."


"Very objective and to the point. We were able to go in depth."


Refreshed how I show my love and look back to see if I've been showing my love in the way my partner needs it."


"Excellent how Cindy and Ed delivered the content. Structural with the slides, content and being casual, humorous and positive as a couple."


"Content, presentation, company and the food were great."

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