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What They're Saying About Ed's New book


The author, Ed Green has written a book which is relatable for everyone. Through reading his own life experiences that lead him to a path that has helped many people is incredible. I am impressed that his life has contributed to his client practice, families and friends. I found his commitment to his life long studies became an incredible tool in helping people. I love the book and I can't wait for more! Thank you, this book has given me much insight in my own life.                           ~ Norma

About Escape from
Insanity Illusions and Lies


Escape From Insanity,Illusions and Lies is a powerful first book from Ed Green, LC SW! Ed uses A Course in Miracles text to help us navigate life scenarios that can change the trajectory of our thinking and ultimate outcomes. Ed has an amazing way of using real examples thru out the book that help us relate to common scenarios in our own lives. The book reinforces the concept that we may not have control of what happens to us but we have complete control of how the situations are perceived and absorbed in our psyche. If you want to live the life you were meant to live and love it… then this book is for you. -- 5 stars!                                                                            ~ Carolyn


Whether anybody reading Ed Green's book, Escape From Insanity, Illusion and Lies considers themselves spiritual or not, they will find this book to be highly therapeutic and beyond religion and beyond clinical. Ed Green takes us on a clear and simple yet very deep dive and extensive study of A Course In Miracles and distills, dissolves, decompresses, and dissects it and then through case studies demonstrates a 7 Step Plan for us all to escape from fear and live the life we all want to live and love it. I have had a copy of ACIM for years and have not delved into very much of it. Now, I will. Thank you for showing me that path. Definitely a 5 Star book. 

~ Amazon customer

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