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Are you ready to live the life you were meant to live? 

As an entertaining, informative, and thought provoking speaker, Ed frequently will use humor to make important points easy to remember. Your audience will be empowered and inspired as Ed outlines how Escape from Insanity Illusions and Lies maps out an escape plan that can guide you to overcoming obstacles to your success.


As a psychotherapist, Ed draws from the teachings of a Course in Miracles, using examples of the positive impact these teachings have on others, as well as the impact on his personal life, that he writes about in his book. 

The audience will leave with a better understanding of their journey that’ll help them discover the courage that’s already within them to design the life they want to live. 


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Escape from Insanity, Illusions and Lies

Many people like to say that the only constant is change. Is that true for you? Outside circumstances were tough in 2020 and continue into 2021. Being shut up, shut down, masked, and distanced from those you love, and to some degree, from what you love, can simulate the same unhealthy feeling as being stuck, and alone.


Through positive and powerful small group experiences, this workshop will guide you in moving beyond whatever fears and limitations are preventing you from being your best self. Now is the time for change! Become aware of how your past experiences and circumstances can evolve into self discovery and awaken the new you.  

This Escape from Insanity, Illusions and Lies workshop can help you identify the causes that prevent the change leading to your desired success and feelings of inclusion and love. Influenced by A Course in Miracles, you will come to understand what it will take to transform your thoughts, doubts, and aloneness into creating success for the life you want and are meant to live. 


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Ed Green Teaches Group or Individual Martial Arts

In his instruction of Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi (pronounced “chee”) Gong, Ed is on a mission to help people in their quest for healing, health, and fitness. Under Ed’s instruction, people of all ages have experienced improved personal energy, flexibility, enhanced strength, and conditioning of the body as a whole as well as benefiting from better mental, emotional, and cognitive functioning. When practiced regularly, they are able to realize better self-esteem, self-confidence and can overcome challenges when using these martial arts tools to strengthen mind, body, and spirit.


As an intervention, Ed has taught Tai Chi  to improve self-control and self-discipline for youngsters who suffer from ADHD and other behavioral management challenges. 


Ed has studied, trained, and been an instructor of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Qi (chee) Gong for many years. He was inducted into the World Peace Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2014 for his contribution to the martial arts using Tai Chi.


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5LL - The Five Love Languages

Our next event is currently being planned!


Participants will be introduced to the 5 Love Languages, given a 5LL test to discover their Love Language, followed by a small group experience to gain insight into their unique communication styles.
This workshop is designed for couples who want to learn ways to better communicate with those they spend time with and who are committed to a more excellent, quality relationship. This workshop offers insights for creating deeper and richer connections to give and receive the most enjoyment from relationships important to them.

Go here for a more indepth description of our 5LL workshop.



Give & Receive

“The 5 Love Language retreat brought us closer by helping us understand how we both give and receive love ❤️”

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From Frustration to Love

Thank you so much!!!! The class was helpful and helped me center myself from a place of frustration to a place of love. I really appreciate your session today. 

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Learning Love Languages

The 5 loves languages weekend was awesome! James and I learned that we didn't know each others love language - we actually were completely off. Since the conference we have grown closer due to knowing each others love languages. Cindy and Ed are super Informative and very entertaining. 

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5LL Retreat

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"It provided understanding on ways to better communicate our love language"


"Learned so much about spouse's love language. Role playing a previous conflict and resolving it (using new info) was eye opening."


"Very enjoyable, fun and affirming."


"Visualization of the future put things at an 'end goal' perspective; hopeful."


"Very objective and to the point. We were able to go in depth."


Refreshed how I show my love and look back to see if I've been showing my love in the way my partner needs it."


"Excellent how Cindy and Ed delivered the content. Structural with the slides, content and being casual, humorous and positive as a couple."


"Content, presentation, company and the food were great."

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