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7 Traps that can imprison you and how to Get Free

IT'S A TRAP (to view in its entirety register with your email address)

Life is a series of experiences connected by the choices you make. Some of those choices cause emotional distress that can trap and imprison you. These traps come in many forms and when we learn its not our circumstances that trap us, but our emotional reaction to them we can also learn how to escape and free ourselves. In her blog Kathy Gottberg identified 7 common traps that can lead to you to feeling stuck in your life. Following this, are 7 steps outlined in my book, Escape from Insanity Illusions and Lies, that can lead to escape and freedom to live the quality of life you were meant to live.

#1 Finances and debt. Face it, debt is poverty. It is obvious that far too many people trap themselves in lifestyles that they no longer want, need or can afford. Debt traps us in unfulfilling jobs, hour-after-hour doing things that often suck the life out of us. Uncontrolled spending enslaves us to a life of mediocrity, routine and quiet desperation.

#2 Toxic Relationships. We all know at least one other person that just can’t seem to let go of people in their lives who take advantage of them and sometimes even abuse them. Hopefully the person being abused isn’t you. What makes it even more difficult is when it is a family member. Anyone who is toxic to our physical and mental well-being should be eliminated. To do otherwise is to enslave ourselves.

#3 Work. Forbes Magazine recently did a survey asking people in 189 different countries how they felt about their jobs. According Forbes, nearly 25% of people hate their jobs while 63% are “not engaged.” Forbes interprets that to mean, “Work is more often a source of frustration than one of fulfillment for nearly 90% of the world’s workers.” Surely there is a better way to live?

#4 Addictive Habits and Behaviors. I don’t think there is any doubt that addictions and bad habits are a big area where we remain trapped. If we have a problem here it’s critical we acknowledge it and then take whatever steps necessary to break free.

#5 Fear of change or loss. Whatever we are afraid of has the ability to back us into a corner that keeps getting smaller the longer we live. Remember in most cases that FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real.

#6 Feelings of Unworthiness. Telling yourself you’re not smart enough, young enough, educated enough, talented enough or anything negative is sure to trap you into a crowded jail with lots of peers. Every one of us has value and deserves a life of wellbeing.

#7 Blaming others, refusing to forgive, or feelings of guilt. These negative actions are toxic and leave us feeling victimized and powerless. They each bind us to the past with the mistaken belief that others are responsible for our happiness or our misery.

These are the 7 steps taken from A Course in Miracles outlined in Escape from Insanity Illusions and Lies starting with the emotional distress that can not only imprisoned you, but are also blocks to living the quality of life you want to live.

Step 1

Identifying the emotional distress that imprisons you.

Step 2

The second step is recognizing who are the jailors and captors you see as responsible for trapping you. These are usually relationships we have with people, places, things and situations, usually with some attachment to the past.

Step 3

Over take the warden, the one who oversees and ensures your captivity. This is the ego. It’s in charge of the ego prison thought system that sides with you and maintains the illusion that everyone and everything is to blame for your situation, but you. When you realize and want to change this then comes step 4

Step 4

Secure a getaway car. Our relationships serve as getaway cars, and may include those you see as your jailers, which brings you to the next step, your escape route.

Step 5

Map out your escape route- The escape route is forgiveness and again, may include those you saw as jailors or captors.

Step 6

Expert getaway car driver- When you share one goal with someone else and lose all sense of separate interest, Love enters and knows the way.

Step 7

Know your destination, where you’re escaping to. The outcome of this process is the same for all of us, but the destinations can differ. It’s the choices you make that lead from one step to another that create the pathway to that quality of life you want to live and love it.

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