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What a wonderful day at The 5 Love Languages Couples Day Retreat on Saturday

Sponsored by the Couple's Ministry of Unity of Houston

The retreat was at the right time and at the right place. After the last few months everybody was happy to get away.

It was a day of good conversation, discovery and connection, and fellowship on the beautiful grounds of the Bernhardt Winery. Great food too, thank to Sean and Linda Grape. The support from Megan and Kaleb in helping to prepare for the day was most appreciated. What a joy it was to work side by side with Cindy Cline. What a fabulous presenter and presence. We are in gratitude for the opportunity to spend the day with such wonderful people.

It was the couples that made the retreat such a positive and powerful experience.

Here's what some of the couples said about their retreat experience.

"It provided understanding on ways to better communicate our love language"

"Learned so much about spouse's love language. Role playing a previous conflict and resolving it (using new info) was eye opening."

"Very enjoyable, fun and affirming."

"Visualization of the future put things at an 'end goal' perspective; hopeful."

"Very objective and to the point. We were able to go in depth."

Refreshed how I show my love and look back to see if I've been showing my love in the way my partner needs it."

"Excellent how Cindy and Ed delivered the content. Structural with the slides, content and being casual, humorous and positive as a couple."

"Content, presentation,company and the food was great."

To learn when the 5 Love Languages workshop/retreat will be offered again visit Unity of Houston website often at:

You can also provide us with your contact information at to be notified when another Retreat is scheduled. We can reserve a place for you so you'll be the first notified to sign up when registration opens. Visit these websites often for updates on other events and activities.

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