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It's a trap - The full video

Ever felt like you didn't know which way to turn? I have and it doesn't feel good. Only after I got through it did I realize the trap I escaped from. How did I escape? I write about how I escaped my trap in my book, Escape from Insanity Illusions and Lies.

Using the model in my book as a guide my therapy and coaching clients found it very helpful in identifying, navigating and escaping the traps they were caught in. Building on the model in my book, what came next was the 7 part webinar series, here on my website, It's a Trap.

This is my talk at Carmel Temple where I discuss recognizing when and how you could be trapped based on my book and webinar series.

In this video, I take you through an overview of how to recognize 7 common traps, The 7 Step Formula to navigate them to discover and remove the blocks holding you back, keeping you from what you want, to live the quality of life you want to live.

Have you been trapped by one or more of these traps? How did you escape? Leave me a comment. I'd love to hear from you. Don't forget to Like. Feel free to share the video.

Learn how this model got me through tough times in my book Escape from Insanity Illusions and Lies

My blogs can give you some insight into the 7 common traps

The It's a Trap webinar series builds on these with new information and evidence based research and tools.

You'll gain insight into my psychotherapy and coaching approach to help people resolve their past (psychotherapy) or succeed in reaching future goals (coaching) by promoting self discovery and self awareness to become their best selves.

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