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It's a Trap Pt2: Is Feelings of unworthiness another Trap?

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

#6 Feelings of Unworthiness. Telling yourself you’re not smart enough, young enough, educated enough, talented enough or anything negative is sure to trap you into a crowded jail with lots of peers. This is the 6th trap as we move towards number one.

It’s funny cause its many of your peers and maybe some of your family who’ve convinced you of your unworthiness and you've become hard on yourself because of it. Errors and mistakes that can be corrected then become sins that are unforgivable. This is where belief comes in to make it so, and becomes real for you. If those who feel unworthy only knew how powerful belief was, they could change the course of their lives almost instantly.

Believe you’re better than you think you are. Believe there’s more to you than you think. I guess it’s a matter of what we think so, everyday do one thing that brings you closer to who you want to be. Do one thing every day that brings you a step closer to the goal you want to achieve. There’s no greater enemy to feeling unworthy than achievement.

This also means, don’t make choices for others you believe think of you as you think of yourself. You deny them the opportunity to prove you wrong by not choosing yes, I can, I will. Every one of us has value and deserves a life of wellbeing and to live the quality of life we were all meant to live.

Some of you might think, that’s easier said than done. But is it? Or is there something standing in the way? Another trap? Or is it just fear.

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