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If George Lucas can do it, So can I

Do you remember when George Lucas re edited and added new content to his first 3 Star Wars movies? As successful as they were when first released in 1978, he felt the movies were lacking and didn't capture his full intent and vision. To express his vision more fully he went back and re edited them, added new content and re released them in 1997 to enhance and tell the story better than he did 20 years earlier.

Well, I took a page from the George Lucas play book. My book, Escape from Insanity Illusions and Lies, has been re edited and new content added. The reason I did this was pretty much the same as George Lucas', which was to capture a fuller vision and intention of the message of what my book is about. Offering a way to more effectively navigate the insanity illusions and lies of the world we live in to live the quality of life you want and meant to live.

It was just re released on Amazon. To order your copy you can order from my website:

Or you can order directly from Amazon at:

Pick up your copy today

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