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It’s a Trap Pt 4 Addictive Habits and Behaviors.

When we fall victim to these traps and look for a way to escape and there seems to be none, sometimes we turn to other means of escape, like addictive habits and behaviors. I don’t think there's any doubt that addictions and bad habits are big area where we find ourselves imprisoned and don’t always recognize its of our own making.

If we have a problem here, it’s critical we acknowledge it and then take whatever steps necessary to break free.

Often times its fear, anger or guilt. These can take many forms. Fear of loss of someone or something held dear that leaves a void needing to be filled. Angry about being done wrong by someone or something in which addictive substances allow you to express yourself, retreat within yourself and become depressed, or hold on to the anger till you can't take it

anymore and erupt in inappropriate ways. Guilt over what you did or didn’t do and you beat yourself up or blame others. Whatever the form, one thing is for sure. You know you're not living the quality of life you want or meant to live.

There are a few things you can do to break free and escape. Because addictions and habitual patterns of negative behavior are difficult to recognize on your own, notice the feedback and reactions you get from others. If many are telling you, or react to you negatively in their response, it may be worth considering there might be something to it.

Here are a few tips that might be helpful if you find yourself trapped in addictive habits and negative habitual behavior patterns.

  • Be honest with yourself about the feelings the addiction/negative behavior is hiding from you.

  • Choose positive and healthy methods of coping.

  • Talk to trusted friends and family.

  • Seek professional guidance if needed.

We're closing in on the top three traps. Be sure to visit again to learn what they are. Feel free to leave your comments or questions. I'd like to hear from you.

Life is a series of experiences connected by the choices we make that have led you to this moment. Choose your next experience wisely.

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